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How did you learn to run? You learned to walk. How did you learn to walk? You learned to crawl. How did you learn to crawl? You learned to roll over. You didn’t decide as a week old baby that you were going to run a marathon. You grew and learned how to get from one step to the next. Trying to jump ahead from crawling to running would have resulted in a lot of falling down, a lot of unnecessary bumps and bruises and a lot of starting over. Avoid any MLM training at all and you’ll be just like a newborn who tries to run. Out of sync. In way over your head.

You might muddle along in marketing. You might even have a sale or two. But you will eventually fall flat on your face because you won’t know what step to take next. Walking is learned by holding onto things that will support you, like furniture or the hands of loved ones. Your gait was unsteady. You were unsure on your own, but when you had support, you wanted to take off at light speed and race across the floor.

Mistake #1: Thinking you know enough about network marketing to make it on your own when the only definition of marketing you know is the one you looked up online. Thinking, “Hey, if that guy did it, I can do it!” What you don’t know about ‘that guy’ is that he invested money to get MLM training so that he could learn to walk before the business was up and running. Big data certification in Dubai

Mistake #2: Failing to identify the audience for the product. Thinking that all you have to do is buy the product and the people will rush to you like kids around an ice cream truck is a common blunder.

Without MLM training, you won’t know enough about how to market a product to fit a specific demographic – a specific target audience. Anyone fishing will eventually catch a fish, but the marketers with training know where the stocked fishing camps are located, what bait to use, and so on. While you spend a year or two getting a nibble here and there, they’ve already got a business full of customers.

Mistake #3: Thinking only in terms of profit. Focusing only on the short term goals, making the sale, convincing someone to join you for a ‘get rich quick’ venture isn’t the way to build a lasting business.

An MLM opportunity is not a get rich quick scheme. It’s a business that can present long-term, residual income if the marketer keeps sight of that. It’s not something to get into because you want to earn enough money to take a two-week vacation to Hawaii. If all you want is something short-term, work a few extra hours at your day job. Leave the marketing to those who know how to use it.

Mistake #4: Believing that because you’ve taken a quick MLM training course, you can stop learning. Multi level marketing requires a continuing education. Embrace the fact that you need training and your business will be built on a strong foundation that flourishes.


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